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Interview: J.D. Wilkes

J.D. Wilkes is a man of many talents – songwriter, author, Kentucky Colonel, and a monster on the harmonica. Whether he’s touring with his Legendary Shack Shakers, or out solo, Wilkes’ always puts on a first-rate show. 

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Review: Chris From Space - Airy On A Grande

My introduction to Chris From Space was the remix album Alternate Dimension, released in early 2019, and when I first listened to it, I really had no idea what to make of it. I said in the review that it was not easy listening, but it was worth it to go along for the ride. But that was an album of remixes – I expected it to be a little strange. Then I was sent Chris From Space’s newest album, Airy On A Grande, and any expectations I had immediately went out the window.

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Review: The Hunting Project - The Hollowing

The Hollowing, the debut full-length from up-and-coming Cincinnati alt-rockers The Hunting Project. Each of the ten songs on the album feel important in intentional. That’s not to imply that there’s any redundancy among these songs – each is a unique, standalone work that can be enjoyed just as well on its own as it can as part of the whole.

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Review: Sarah Asher First Two Tracks of This Little Bird

On first listen, the two tracks of This Little Bird, the new release from Northern Kentucky singer-songwriter Sarah Asher, are disarming. The songs, in Asher’s characteristically subtle, delicate delivery, find their roots in an easy folksiness, but just below that surface lies a much deeper world.