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Alessandro Corona

Alessandro, a 25-year resident of Cincinnati, is a graduate of Indiana University and Chase Law School at NKU. A multi-instrumentalist, he currently plays in several local bands, produces, and DJs. He also promotes the local music community through daily bulletins of events on his Now That's Cincinnati Facebook page.

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Review: Rachel Mousie - Talk To Your Babies

Rachel Mousie releases her new album, Talk To Your Babies, on October 7th. The eleven-track collection shrewdly reimagines folky allegories and nostalgic aphorisms into a self-reflective protest album. Her first full length release in 6-years, the deliberate angular focus of each song demonstrates how cohesive an artist can become working for as much time on new material.

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A Thunderous Hug: Words of Wisdom from MidPoint Headliners Broken Social Scene

On Saturday, September 23, MidPoint Music Festival welcomes Toronto baroque-pop supergroup Broken Social Scene for their first ever performance in the Queen City.