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mxmtoon at Heritage Bank Center

Photo Cred:Lauren Tepfer

mxmtoon is known for dreamy pop and introspective lyricism. mxmtoon (pronounced em-ex-em-toon) is the moniker of Maia, a singer, songwriter, and ukulele player. mxmtoon has conceptually relatable songs with goofy, self-deprecating music videos that evoke emotions across the gamut.

mxmtoon covers a wide range of conceptual themes in her music, including matters regarding friendship, romance, body confidence, identity, and teenage insecurities. She often uses a ukulele for accompaniment and has a distinctly unique musical sound characterized by elements of indie and bedroom pop, slightly laconic lyrical delivery, and sometimes unconventional melodic constructs.

mxmtoon will be at Heritage Bank Center on Tuesday, July 23rd with AJR!