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Grace Pettis to Stop at The Southgate House Revival

Photo Cred: Starla Dawn Photography

Award-winning singer-songwriter Grace Pettis just released her new album, Down To The Letter. Following her critically acclaimed Working Woman record, Grace Pettis' much-anticipated sophomore MPress Records release, Down To The Letter, pulls no punches and captures the Nashville-based, Alabama-Austin-raised singer-songwriter at the peak of her songwriting powers.

Grace Pettis will be stopping at The Southgate House Revival on Saturday, July 13th with Robby Hecht!

Chronicling the end of a long-term relationship with heartbreaking detail, the lyrics deftly toe the line between personal autobiography and universal catharsis. The record is about one woman's journey through tough times, coming out on the other side all the more herself – vulnerable but triumphant, bruised but in possession of her own, solitary strength. The record was produced by lauded singer-songwriter-producer Mary Bragg (Natalie Price) and showcases Pettis' rich voice, perhaps one of the most dynamic and agile of her generation.