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Yacht Rock Revue at Riverbend Music Center

Photo Cred: Mitchell Davidson

Embark on a journey down memory lane through radiant musical waters with Yacht Rock Revue at Riverbend Music Center on Friday, July 12th! Joining Train and REO Speedwagon on The Summer Road Trip Tour, these masters of smooth groove were deemed by Rolling Stone as the “world’s premier soft-rock party band,” and are ready to share unforgettable party anthems and groovy original tracks.

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Since 2007, Yacht Rock Revue has steered audiences through a melodic voyage of classic hits, founded in Atlanta, GA. The 10-piece ensemble, including Nicholas Niespodziani, Peter Olson, Greg Lee, Mark Dannells, Mark Bencuya, David B. Freeman, Keisha Jackson, Kourtney Jackson, Jason Nackers, and Ganesh Giri Jaya, infuse their unique styles with the iconic yacht rock vibe. They’ve shared stages with legends like Peter Beckett (Player), Steve Augeri (Journey), John Driskell Hopkins (Zac Brown Band), Robbie Dupree, Elliot Lurie (Looking Glass), and John Oates. In 2023, they embarked on a successful run with the legendary Kenny Loggins on his farewell tour, and in 2024, they’ll join Train and REO Speedwagon on the “Summer Road Trip” Tour. Beyond covers, their original music, exemplified by their debut album Hot Dads In Tight Jeans (2020), spans the genre’s timeless appeal. Their live album, Between the Moon and New York City, released on January 22, 2024, complements their PBS Special filmed on July 7, 2023. Having sold over 146,000 tickets in 2023, Yacht Rock Revue’s infectious energy extends to fans, fostering a community that celebrates music’s joy and yacht rock’s allure. They also support charitable causes like The Giving Kitchen and Hop on a Cure, spreading positive vibes beyond music.