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Will Kimbrough Album Release at the Southgate House Revival

Photo Cred: Neilson Hubbard

Folkies, even the ones with a good dose of country in their sound, tend to create quiet, introspective songs that are designed to pack a subtle but no less potent punch. Revered, multi-talented folk-Americana artist Will Kimbrough doesn’t quite fit that mold, and it is most evident on the 11 tracks that comprise For the Life of Me, his eighth solo album released on May 3 via Soundly Music. Here, Kimbrough crafted a batch of anthems with engulfing choruses and stinging musicianship. These songs rush into your consciousness and rattle your insides.

Will Kimbrough will be at The Southgate House Revival on Sunday, June 23rd!

Kimbrough, a longtime collaborator with the late legend Jimmy Buffett and the co-writer of Buffett’s much-touted posthumous single, “Bubbles Up,” produced For the Life of Me and recorded it primarily at Blackbird Studio in Berry Hill, Tennessee with engineer John McBride. Additional recording took place at his own Kimbrough Super Service Studio and Skinny Elephant Studio in Nashville. Kimbrough takes care of vocals, guitars, and keyboards on the new record, while Chris Donohue handles the bass and Bryan Owings is on drums and percussion.

“This album is not afraid to closely examine the wreckage and ruin of the past and the present,” says Kimbrough. “But it also expresses gratitude for every breath, for those we love, those who are still here, and those who we have lost. In the end, it’s just another expression of love.”