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Hayden Kaye Release Royals

Hayden Kaye has released a cover of “Royals” by Lorde! It’s an acoustic remake of the catchy pop song. Kyle Schultz recorded at his home studio and the music video was filmed and edited at their home!

The high-energy music created by Hayden Kaye is rooted in folk with bluegrass and Americana influences. Their synchronized harmonies and raw acoustics reflect their passion for life and each other. Songwriting is a key component to this musical duo. Their organic approach toward music sets them apart in a distinctive way.

Hayden Kaye's members, Robert Hayden (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Miranda Kaye (vocals, percussion, ukulele) write their songs in a variety of ways. They bring individual ideas together and build upon them to create a vast collection of original material. Robert and Miranda met while studying Theatre Arts at Northern Kentucky University. They graduated together and went on to both attain Master of Arts degrees in Teaching. They were married in July of 2016.