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Evening Redness Release Love Is Love

Evening Redness has released the long overdue video for "Love Is Love" from the 2020 EP, Burn It Down!

At the time we released that EP, we were in a heated high-stakes election year and the anxiety of four years of chaos came spilling out in a full collection of protest music. I worried at the time that those songs would slip into irrelevance pretty quickly. I’m disappointed to say they’re as current now as then. With an election rematch on the horizon and no lull in our national divisiveness, songs like "Hooray for Ignorance" and "Punch Some Nazis" still seem as fresh as ever. 

Of the songs on Burn It Down, "Love Is Love" was our most hopeful. Less sarcastic and aggressive than the other tunes, it’s a positive affirmation of everyone’s right to happiness. We’re happy to be putting this out there during Pride Month, especially at a time when the rights of our friends in the LGBT+ community seem to be under constant attack.

What is next for Evening Redness? Brent Billock filled us in, "We have a good handful of songs that we’ve been playing out and haven’t released yet, so we’re planning to start recording this summer. Our performance schedule will be a little lighter while we focus on that, but we do have a show at Taproom on Ludlow July 19 with Brad Gibson of Saturn Batteries and with Intro Signal. I’m a big fan of Brad’s music, and I played bass for Intro Signal for two years, so this should be a terrific night."