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Don't Get Lemon at Madison Live

In late April, Texas-based trio Don't Get Lemon released their sophomore full-length album Have Some Shame via à La Carte Records. Nestled somewhere between the flamboyance of 1980's New Romantics, avant-garde post-punk and alternative dance, the nine-track LP showcases a band exploring the conceptual groundwork laid in their preceding releases. This time, however, there are even more decisively danceable pop melodies to enjoy.

Don't Get Lemon will be at Madison Live on June 23rd with Moonbeau, Holy Wire, and Same Eyes!

Formed in late 2019 by longtime friends Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters, Don't Get Lemon have catapulted themselves to the forefront of the synth-pop craze through its penmanship of infectious anthems, an impeccable mix of retro-influenced and modern production, and kinetic live presence – one that has solicited the attention of audience members and international touring acts alike, earning the envied opening slots for artists such as Nuovo Testamento, She Past Away, Choir Boy, and Riki. The band takes their aesthetic cues from a spectrum of new wave and glam rock, such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Talking Heads, and Simple Minds, as well as contemporary artists like LCD Soundsystem, Alex Cameron, and Cold Cave.