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Siri Imani to Release Soft Life

Photo Cred:Julian Myles

Siri Imani’s Soft Life, her third full-length project, brings us along a magical journey through the spiritual spectrum. It mirrors our collective societal experiences of grief and loss, and the hard authentic attempts to bring down our highest, toughest walls. The record contains the signatures we have come to expect from Siri: catchy hooks, top-notch production, attention to detail, textural delights, and flowing lyrics about self-love and confidence, but this album feels a little different.

Soft Life will be released on May 31st! Be on the lookout for singles & visuals dropping on May 17th & 24th!

You’ll catch her nods to influences like Lauryn Hill and her own mother, but it begs the listener to imagine a future that embraces the past without resentment. Siri is known as an artist who is so self-aware of her own talent, but this project is a love letter to her own hard work to hone the skills she’s been given from above. As an artist who has always embraced the containment of multitudes, this record blends seamlessly from island-vibe love songs featuring TJG to ethereal vibratory chanting on "Center Of It All" to classic Cincinnati hip hop with the head-nodding GKFAM. This collaborative effort is not only a flagship of Siri’s musical work, but an active reminder that art imitates life; and none of us can achieve our goals of softness and healing without the support and skills of our communities.

The most effective art always asks us questions, Soft Life asks us, “What if Art was an action word?”