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Left at Orion Release Blue

Left at Orion has released a new single and video for "Blue!" Left at Orion is Shoegaze from Northern KY/Cincinnati. Moods, dreams, feelings, and landscapes inspire them.

We chatted with Kelli of Left at Orion about the new single and what is next!

Tell us about the recording process of "Blue"
 "Blue" is a really personal song for me in a lot of ways - I actually wrote it on acoustic guitar and used to play it that way in my very first band Peace Attack close to a decade ago. I always dreamed of recording an electric version of it, but by then I was writing for the band Slow Glows and the right timing of it just never happened. When Ian Gorby (bassist) and I began our new project Left at Orion, I saw the blank slate as an opportunity to revisit this song. I wrote it when I was in my late teens and really struggling with depression, so I feel like playing the song now is a way to be kind to my younger self, it feels really healing in that way. I think that's because the song is like an old friend to me and I approach it with a lot of joy nowadays. Our drummer Ian Hilvert records and mixes us at his studio space and I think this track really took on a new life, he did a great job with it. Releasing it as our first single for this band is a way for me to appreciate where I came from and how far I've come, both musically and personally.

What can fans expect when seeing you live at MOTR on June 8th?
"Blue" will definitely be a part of our setlist this summer. Our live set is really loud and really dreamy, all original music. We're a three-piece band so it's important for us to fill up that space with as much sound as possible. The recordings are a bit more layered since I'm able to have multiple guitar tracks at a time, so the live sets are maybe just slightly different. But I think if you like the recorded material then you'll like the live sounds, and vice versa. There will also be a liquid light art projection at the show from Liquid Gold, which pairs really well with our style of music. The bands Chameleon Earhart and The Magnavox's will also be playing that night.

What is next for Left at Orion?
We have another show coming up in about a month at The Comet, it's on 6/25. That one should be really fun. Later in the year, we're planning to release our first full-length album "Radiowaves" on October 5th. That seems like a long way off, but my more immediate plans for the summer involve working on music videos and releasing a handful of singles leading up to the full album release. Other than that, the future is pretty wide open. We're the type of band that is always staying busy writing material and working on things behind the scenes. We'd love for you to join us on this journey, check out our socials, or better yet, come to a show. Thanks for listening!