• Preview

Knocked Loose at MegaCorp Pavilion

Photo Cred: Brock Fetch

Knocked Loose are breaking the mold of pop culture. Don't miss them on May 24th at Megacorp Pavilion! It'll be a wild one - Show Me The Body, Speed (Aus) and Loathe (UK) are supporting.

From just being kids in their small-town Kentucky hardcore/punk scene, to organically taking off to be one of the biggest crossover bands in hardcore/metal worldwide - they've earned a dedicated cult following. And they've done all of this without sacrificing how heavy they are.

Their new album is their most emotional, spiritual, and eclectic album to date that sums up the massive strides they've taken in their decade as a band. It plunges listeners into a cauldron of mental and spiritual anguish - inward and outward and leans into the band's most extreme impulses from blastbeat-driven fury, chaotic turbulence, and seismic breakdowns. They seasoned the mix with ear-catching auxiliary percussion, evocative samples (which members collected over the years), and shout-along hooks, which are all interwoven to perfection by Grammy-nominated, pop-savvy producer Drew “WZRD BLD” Fulk.