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Coastal Club Release Conversation from Upcoming EP

Coastal Club will release their new EP, All of the Things You Said on July 19th! The band recently shared their new single "conversation" from the upcoming release.

In the vibrant tapestry of Coastal Club's musical landscape, “conversation" stands as a paradox - a sonic dichotomy where the buoyant melody belies the poignant introspection embedded within its lyrics. On the song the band's Alexandre Hirlinger says, “conversation" ultimately emerges as a testament to the complexity of human experience, where the joyous rhythms of life often intertwine with the somber melodies of introspection. Its juxtaposition of upbeat instrumentation and sobering lyricism invites listeners to engage in a profound conversation with themselves, exploring the intricacies of belief and doubt that shape the human spirit.

"conversation" follows the band's single "cigarettes" which was released last month and is available now on all streaming platforms. "cigarettes," a nostalgic and celebratory anthem, encapsulates the essence of carefree living and the joys of embracing life with boundless energy. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Alexandre Hirlinger, describes the track as a reminder to cherish the moments that make us feel alive and invincible. With its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms, "cigarettes" encourages listeners to never lose sight of the passion from their youth. 

 The band’s signature sound, characterized by infectious guitar-driven hooks and uplifting, high-spirited anthems, has garnered them widespread acclaim within the indie pop scene. Coastal Club is drummer David McGuire, lead guitarist and vocalist Avery Benter, and lead singer and guitarist Alexandre Hirlinger, the band draws inspiration from influences like Young the Giant and COIN, infusing their music with a refreshing sense of optimism and joy.