• Preview

Brainiac at The Woodward Theater

Photo Cred: Lee Ann McGuire

Brainiac spent the '90s carving their own path directly through every typical musical trope, but just as their trajectory had poised them to present their maniacal vision of hissing electro-punk to the mainstream, the death of lead singer Timmy Taylor cut their story short. In the wake of this tragic event, many artists (such as Trent Reznor, The Mars Volta, Muse, The Flaming Lips, The National, The Breeders, Mogwai, etc.) have espoused the band's lasting influence and relevance as trailblazers whose music still sounds fresh and ahead of its time even today.

 Brainiac will stop at The Woodward Theater on Friday, May 31st!

Over 25 years later, following a full-length documentary about the band, and along with several recently unearthed archival releases, the surviving band members emerge to celebrate the music and give it life once more both for a new generation and long-time fans alike.