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Record Store Day Goals

Some say Christmas only comes once a year. I’m not talking about the cliche booze and barbeques that make up Christmas in July. Everyone has their own personal “Christmas.” Priscilla’s was Elvis. Mine is Record Store Day.

Instead, it's the one day, every year, when music lovers diverge on record stores to purchase one-of-a-kind limited releases, re-releases of classics, or grab the vinyl of bands opening for Taylor Swift. It's a day of indulgence. A day to support local businesses and the Indie Record stores we often frequent throughout the year.

Recently I sat with Jon Lewis, a local jaded millennial who screams for The Dopamines. We had a few beers to discuss what RSD means to us and what we are looking forward to.

My relationship with music began in 1992 long ago in Naperville, Illinois. At some point during that time I got my first mountain bike, and within time was riding to a local record store called Bizzy Bee. Bizzy Bee was owned by a young guy named Paul and was situated on the first floor of a house near the compass of North Central College just outside downtown Naperville. Bizzy Bee had large wooden bins stocked full of used CDs, new releases, and the expensive and highly sought-after bootlegs. I still have several bootlegs I purchased during my 7+ years visiting that store.

Eventually, CDs went away with the onslaught of digital music. As a result, I lost my physical connection to music. Record stores closed for the most part. I joined the digital music herd. I was lost.

As faith would have it, my path in life would eventually intersect with Jon’s.

Jon grew up on the west side of Cincinnati. He remembers going to CD World to pick up CDs. Jon had a slightly different path and recalls buying his first record in the summer of 2002. His first vinyl purchase was a PinHead GunPowder/DilignerFour split 7-inch. Jon was not initially hooked on vinyl. As he recalled a long story about one of his first dogs destroying his record collection during her formidable puppy years, causing Jon to lose faith in the effort. Instead of working at Burger King, Jon chose music and found himself in several local punk bands. The punk scene helped drive Jon’s lasting appreciation of vinyl's opposition to the mainstream for so long. He has been collecting records nonstop for 22 years.

A major part of our friendship ties back to music. Whether it's going to local shows, listening to vinyl, or frequently going to record stores.

So back to RSD… I regained a new relationship with music when Jon convinced me to come to RSD in 2017. I woke up at 4:30 am to wait in line with Jon at Shake It Records on a cold spring morning. I then proceeded to purchase several records (despite not having a record player at the time) and sip Slow Jam as Dibbs provided a most righteous soundtrack. A favorite find from that day… and my first record from the used bins at Shake It was a pristine copy of Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill. I was hooked. Deep down, I was back at Bizzy Bee visiting Paul. I was no longer lost.

Fast Forward and my collection has grown to over 200 albums and is growing steadily (thank you to my loving wife for understanding and supporting my hobby)

Jon and I will be in line crushing Baileys Irish Cream and coffee with a box of the greasiest donuts we can find this Saturday. We will head to Shake It early and continue the tradition. We hope to see old friends, drink Slow Jam, spend lots of money, and then head to Plaid Room Records and Everybody's Records to complete what we refer to as the Holy Trinity.

RSD Goals for James:
 Get to Shake It 4:30 am
 Get the donuts… the good stuff. Provide the Baileys and enough coffee.
 10,000 Maniacs - Playing Favorites
 Def Leppard - One Night Only Live at the Leadmill 2023
 G.B.I (Groh, Benante, Ian) - The Regulator
 U2 Atomic City - Live at the Sphere
 Look for… locate and purchase fire in the used bins
 Be thankful

RSD Goals for Jon:
 Drink just enough to not hold back on the “Should I put it back?” moments, but not so much that I feel like a degenerate this early in the morning.
 At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul reissue
 Freddie Gibbs/Madlib Reissue
 David Bowie - Waiting in the Sky
 Ramones - Sire Demos
 Non-RSD fire finds
 Any April March LP - Chick Habit and/or The Makers
 Any Cass Elliot
 ELO - Zoom
 Any Locust record
 Black Knight - Sword of Rage Pinball Soundtrack
 Any Spits record