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National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) Kentucky Chapter Announces New Officers

The National Independent Venue Association's Kentucky Chapter (NIVA Kentucky), dedicated to supporting and advocating for independent venues, promoters, and festivals across the Commonwealth, is pleased to announce its new leadership. The newly appointed officers are Tiffany Finley as NIVA Kentucky President, Billy Hardison as NIVA Kentucky Vice President, and Morrella Raleigh as NIVA Kentucky Secretary.

Tiffany Finley is currently serving her 15th year as Executive Director of the Master Musicians Festival, a beloved non-profit music festival in Somerset, KY. In addition, Finley co-founded Black Mountain Management in 2020, where she manages artists such as Bee Taylor and Eric Bolander.

Billy Hardison, founder of NIVA Kentucky and the Commonwealth's advocacy lead for NIVA, has been a cornerstone of the Louisville music scene for years. As an operating owner and partner in both Production Simple Concerts and Headliners Music Hall, Hardison's almost 35 year dedication to nurturing talent, fan experience and advocating for the industry is unmatched.

Morrella Raleigh, an esteemed 30-year veteran of the music and arts industry, is the owner/manager of Northern Kentucky's The Southgate House Revival since 2010. Raleigh brings expertise in marketing, public relations, and ticketing to the Association.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead NIVA Kentucky and to work alongside such dedicated individuals," said Tiffany Finley, NIVA Kentucky President. "We look forward to connecting Kentucky’s independent venues and festivals on a united front to advocate for our industry and ensure its continued success.”

NIVA's mission is to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues, promoters, and festivals throughout the United States. As part of this mission, NIVA Kentucky invites independent stages across the Commonwealth to join forces and collaborate in advocating for much-needed support for the industry. Independent venues, promoters, and festivals in Kentucky interested in learning more about joining the Association may find more information at https://www.nivassoc.org/join