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Mosant to Release Midnight Television at Northside Tavern

Photo Cred: Jared Bowers

Mosant is a high-energy, force out of Cincinnati, OH. They pull in a groove-based, vintage rock and roll sound, with notes of 70s R&B and 60s psychedelic rock. Comprised of Chandler Hoffert, Zach Swelbar, Joe Gibson, and Nathan Hoeweler, Mosant seeks to capture a timeless sound across multiple genres and an appreciation for putting on a “show” for their audience; to get back to the art form of music in their presentation.

 Mosant is releasing their LP, Midnight Television on Friday, May 3rd at Northside Tavern!

Mosant released their double-single “Critical” / “(Not the) Only One” in 2022. Coalescing into its current configuration in the spring of that year, the band shifted into a rich collaborative mode, finding beautiful common ground and compelling friction in a four-way partnership that mischievously mashes buzzy power-pop hooks, prog-rock left turns, bighearted soul, and sumptuous harmonies. The resulting debut, Midnight Television, recorded at Cincinnati’s Marble Garden with Isaac Karns, perfectly captures the spitfire energy of a young band while confidently absorbing 60 years of pop music.