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REVIEW: Avenged Sevenfold at Heritage Bank Center

Photo Cred: James Quigley

Avenged Sevenfold continued the spring leg of the Life is But a Dream tour with a stop in Cincinnati at Heritage Bank Center. Life must really feel like a dream for the Huntington Beach Rockers who have been perfecting their delivery of heavy metal, hard rock, and punk for over 25 years. They are one of a handful of hard rock bands with a seat at the top. They have earned their stripes as one of the best live heavy metal/rock bands on the planet. Tonight they showcased that with no exceptions.

As M-Shadows jokingly told the crowd at one point he had thrown his back out and chalked it up as “That is pretty much what happens when you are 40 right.” That put things in perspective for the legions of fans who came out. I saw plenty of young fans who came with their parents, which again is a testament to the band's draw and impact. Cincinnati showed up.


I have seen Avenged Sevenfold open for Metallica at The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, and headline Rock on the Range in Columbus, and tonight was easily the best the band has ever sounded. While the band might be getting older (jokingly), their performance and production are flawless. Hats off to Bob Strakele the FOH sound engineer. The band sounded incredible last night.

I am sure there were plenty of fans showing up to hear tour staples. You know, radio hits like "Hail to the King" or hoping to catch "Sheppard of Fire" return to the setlist. They did deliver on several classics, but more importantly, they unpacked several songs from their most recent album, Life is But a Dream. The show opened with "Nightcall," by electro-house artist, Kavinsky. This set the vibe for what the boys were about to unpack. As the song ended, the band came out, and M. Shadows was then seated center stage dressed in black with a black ski mask donning Nobody stitched across the front of the neck.


The next two songs were the very first songs of their new record. A mixture of thrash, punk, and progressive metal. The new songs were incredible live. While the new album may have been polarizing to some fans, all the songs translate to musical journeys live. Each one showcases the band's range and production.

Fast forward to what I feel was arguably the highlight of the show which came mid setlist and the following songs were showcased…

Bat Country
 Unholy Confessions

“Nobody” live absolutely destroyed and it fits so well in the set. Brilliant on so many levels. The ending solo by Synerster was just a tease of what was to come. Cincinnati showed up in a big way for "Nightmare" as the crowd anchored every word. Great moments were had by all. The crowd last night was energetic and loud.

Avenged Sevenfold are veterans atop the rock and metal food chain for a reason. They are the ultimate showmen. Insanely good musicians and at this point in their career not afraid to make an album that makes a statement. Worth every penny to see them live on this tour.

Avenged Sevenfold at Heritage Bank Center

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