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Kamasi Washington Drops Prologue and Stop at Ludlow Garage

Photo Cred: B+

Kamasi Washington confirmed his new album, Fearless Movement, is set for release on May 3 via Young. A new song, “Prologue,” debuts today alongside a video directed by longtime collaborator AG Rojas and choreographed by Samantha Blake Goodman.

Additionally, Washington unveiled plans for an extensive North American tour and will be stopping at Ludlow Garage on Wednesday, May 8!

Washington calls Fearless Movement his dance album. “It’s not literal,” Washington says. “Dance is movement and expression, and in a way it’s the same thing as music—expressing your spirit through your body. That’s what this album is pushing.”

Dance as an embodied form of expression signals a shift in focus for Washington. Where previous albums dealt with cosmic ideas and existential concepts, Fearless Movement focuses on the every day, an exploration of life on earth. This change in scope is due in large part to the birth of Washington’s first child a few years ago.

“Being a father means the horizon of your life all of a sudden shows up,” says Washington. “My mortality became more apparent to me, but also my immortality—realizing that my daughter is going to live on and see things that I’m never going to see. I had to become comfortable with this, and that affected the music that I was making.”