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Bershy to Celebrate New Single "4U" at MOTR

Following the success of her queer pop anthem "Radio", Cincinnati’s own Bershy is poised to once again captivate audiences with her latest offering, "4U." The track marks a significant evolution in Bershy's journey, showcasing a newfound maturity and depth in her artistry.

  TONIGHT at MOTR Bershy will celebrate the release of "4U!"!

 4U" retains Bershy's signature upbeat style while venturing into a more textured and organic sonic territory. With its mix of vulnerable verses and anthemic choruses, the song captures the essence of infatuation, painting a vivid picture of new love with lines about crossing boundaries and indulging in dirty dreams. Bershy's charming and singular delivery of "I can't help it!" adds an irresistible allure to the track.

Drawing inspiration from '90s icons like Liz Phair, Sinead O'Connor, and Harriet Wheeler, "4U" promises to deliver a textured and dreamy exploration into the indie rock genre.

 The event, presented by Inhailer Radio and Donuts N’ Akahol, will kick off at 9pm and feature opening performances from Tiger Goods (backed by Lexington indie rock band Sunmates) and Barleaux.