• Preview

The Dollyrots at The Southgate House Revival

Known for their infectious pop-punk anthems, The Dollyrots, Kelly Ogden (bass and vocals), Luis Cabezas (guitar and vocals), with Simon Hancock as their current touring drummer are gearing up for a March tour with Gymshorts as support.

 Don't miss them at The Southgate House Revival on Tuesday, March 12th!

The band has dropped a lyric video for their heavy-leaning pop-rock song “Can’t Tell You Why” from their recent album release Night Owls out now! When asked about “Can’t Tell You Why,” Ogden shares, "This one’s for anyone who’s felt alone or experienced depression in solitude. Not knowing why you’re feeling so down but very much knowing it's real and tangible. But hopefully looking beyond that and doing everything you can to just smile and get to the next day. Because maybe you’ll get lucky and wake up happy, something we believe is possible for everyone”.

On Night Owls, the Dollyrots once again highlight their ability to craft music that resonates deeply, whether it’s through high-energy punk tracks, rowdy rockers, or introspective ballads. Each track brings its own flair, with subtle tweaks and shifts that keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish.