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TasteFull to Release Black Seat Cadillac

TasteFull takes listeners on a journey through the backstreets with their latest release “Black Seat Cadillac.” This dark and groovy single introduces the band’s upcoming second studio album New Beginnings, which blends the sounds of straight ahead 70’s rock, psychedelic soul, and a touch of Americana, opening a new chapter for a rock band in constant metamorphosis.

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TasteFull is also headed to South By Southwest in support of, "Black Seat Cadillac!" Help the band get there with their GoFundMe!

"Black Seat Cadillac" is a driving track, best for a long drive down an empty highway or late-night excursions to a dingy dive bar. With brooding lyrics that delve into the darker side of city living, the dominant bassline and interlaced guitar riffs weave a lurid soundscape, while sultry vocals lure listeners into the back seat on the road to somewhere between a hypnotic dream and dark reality.

"I wanted to create a song that explored the darker aspects of living in the city," says bassist Hunter Brookbank. "I had just moved to the inner city. The idea of riding in a black Cadillac with all its connotations of danger and mystery seemed like the perfect metaphor for that urban lifestyle. For a lot of people in my generation, we have this feeling of wanting to escape, but also wanting to dive in further, and jumping in the back seat of a black Cadillac to disappear off to who knows where was my visualization of that feeling."

The single was produced by Mark Santangelo, whose diverse work history with bands like the Black Pumas and Disturbed has involved blending different musical styles to create new and exciting material. Together, Mark Santangelo and TasteFull have crafted a retro-modernist sound, where influences of the past collide with the sights and sounds of the present.

"Black Seat Cadillac" is available March 1st, 2024 on all major streaming platforms.