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RHY! Presents 'Like It Never Happened' Album Release Show at Madison Live

On Friday, March 1st don't miss RHY! Presents: Like It Never Happened feat. Turich Benjy, SZABA, Pangeaux, and Casey Jones at Madison Live! Hosted by Graval Baehr and sounds by DJ BlacknMyles!

Listen  to “Carla Jean,” RHY!'s first single off of Like it Never Happened!

We had the chance to chat with RHY! before the show!

What should we expect at the RHY! album release show?
  If you plan on attending the album release show you can expect to be introduced to tons of new faces and key features of the Cincinnati Underground Music scene, RHY accompanied by my band “The Sidewalkers” and a bill loaded with rising stars from the local area. After a year's hiatus of not releasing, I’m looking to bring to life my new music through an intimate live performance, alongside super talents like Turich Benjy, Szaba, Pangeaux, and Casey Jones. You can expect a good turnout of people from all different walks of life all sharing the common goal and good of wanting to build and grow the music community.

Tell us about how RHY! came to be…
 RHY! Initially known as Rhydakiid came to be 7 years ago during early high school when I started releasing music to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, initially I approached music with a D.I.Y approach hosting my shows, recording my music, and creating my merchandise. Since then I’ve gone to build an in-depth catalog and collaborated with tons of artists within my space while being introduced to networking as an Artist and slowly becoming one within the community of the underground music scene here in Cincinnati. I’ve patiently been developing my sound, learning the business, and building my fan base all leading into the release of this new project “Like it Never Happened” which is my favorite music I’ve ever made.

What is next for RHY!
 What’s next for RHY! is releasing/pushing this project and honing in to finish what I’ve been working on to follow up on Like it Never Happened. This project is genre-bending and leans away from anything I’ve dropped in years prior.. a rebrand to say the least. Continuing to learn and grow as an Artist, building my platform and the scene here in Cincinnati. I’m hopeful to be performing in some cities I’ve never done this year while meeting new like-minded creatives along the way. What’s next is honestly always a mystery but that’s the beauty in what I choose to do.