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Moonbeau Announces Tour Dates in Support of Latest EP Stressed Romantic

Cincinnati synth pop sweethearts, Moonbeau, are hitting the road for a Midwestern tour this March to celebrate the release of their latest EP, Stressed Romantic! The genre-bending indietronica band known for their captivating melodies and infectious energy is thrilled to finally be hitting the road for the first time since 2019—especially after the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in tour plans for their second LP, Up All Night. The excitement is palpable.

“We’re so excited to be going on tour again and connecting with old friends who have been there since day one and new listeners who may have stumbled across us over the last few years,” says frontman Christian Gough (guitar and vocals).

“This is going to be super special,” adds Callie Budrick-Gough (keys and vocals). “Especially since we’re kicking off the tour at Second Sight Spirits for Cabin Fever.”

Coincidentally, the February 24 performance for the Cabin Fever Music Festival is not the first time the duo have been on the Second Sight stage. The local distillery served as their wedding venue back in October 2023 before they performed as their own wedding band for the reception down the street at Bircus Brewing Company.

“We didn’t plan to be our own wedding band,” laughs Christian. “It just sort of happened. Some plans fell through, and we tried our best to find someone else to do it. But the week before the big day we finally just said, ‘Screw it. Let’s do it ourselves.’”

“It ended up being the sweetest thing. It was a really fun way for our families to see us working together on a project that we love. I’m new to the whole ‘performing’ thing—most of my extended family had never seen me on a stage before,” explains Callie. “And I can’t think of a better way to show just how connected we are than by playing music together in front of all of our closest friends and family.”

Despite Moobeau’s history, the husband-wife duo have only been performing together for about a year. You certainly wouldn’t guess that from their on-stage chemistry, though. Their goofy antics and charming banter create a warm atmosphere that complements their sounds from a bygone era. Catchy synth hooks and layered rhythmic guitars create an atmosphere meant for late-night phone calls and driving with the windows down.

As if the story wasn’t already sweet enough, Moonbeau is using actual photos and imagery from their wedding day to help promote the tour.

“Well, the EP is called Stressed Romantic. And what’s more stressful than planning a wedding?” laughs Callie.

“A lot of the EP—like most Moonbeau songs—is reflective of relationships in general. There are themes in there that I think everyone can relate to,” adds Christian. “We go into more depth about the whole thing on an episode of the In My Tracks podcast that should be coming out soon enough.”

The first leg of the Stressed Romantic tour features a mix of headlining shows and special appearances, including a secret show in Dayton, OH on March 8 as part of the Levitt Up Close series. “You’ll have to reach out to us directly to get more information about that one,” Christian says with a wink.

Moonbeau will be in Cincinnati on March 1 at MOTR Pub with local electronic artist sappha, followed by a March 2 performance at The Loud in Huntington, WV with Glass Diaper and Charlie Brown Superstar. Other highlights of the tour include a live stream performance for local Cincinnati TV station ICRC on March 19. The tour will also see the band making stops in Kokomo, IN; Ypsilanti, MI; Muncie, IN; and Lexington, KY.

The March shows are just the beginning, with plans to expand their performances in the summer months. As they balance their musical journey with other day-to-day commitments, Moonbeau remains dedicated to their DIY ethos and their passion for creating memorable experiences through music.

“Of course, we’re going to be performing the EP while on tour, but we’re also going to be throwing in old favorites and some new unreleased stuff that we can’t wait to share with people,” Callie affirms. “It’s like every independent band’s mantra to say ‘new things coming soon!’ but really. We have a lot of goals for this year!”

Catch Moonbeau locally and regionally this March, stream their new EP, and keep an eye out for upcoming performances. They’re an act that you surely don’t want to miss.