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Bonded Spirit Bluegrass Festival in Covington

On Saturday, March 2nd - Covington's first Bluegrass festival, Bonded Spirit Bluegrass Festival, is taking place on Court Street! Bonded Spirit Bluegrass Festival is brought to you by Smoke Justis and The B-Line!

 Court Street will be shut down and a 400-person tent - "Roebling Rickhouse" will be erected to drink bourbon and enjoy Moonshine Drive, Sister Sadie, and The Goodwin Brothers!

If you travel too far north or south, you might find that Northern Kentucky can be misunderstood. While we embrace being an integral part of the Queen City, there’s more than just a river that delineates our unique identity. Make no mistake, our heart matches our license plate. Our traditions are uniquely Kentuckian. Now, it’s time to celebrate those that culture, like the Kentuckians we are.

Because what’s more Kentucky than Bourbon & Bluegrass?

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