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Get Wrecked! to Release Day of Wreckoning

Get Wrecked! is a new band ready to shred. Get Wrecked!'s EP is the first release to come from Ryan Malott's new record label, Sad Cowboy Records. Their first EP is set to be released on January 23rd and they are primed to celebrate Day of Wreckoning at The Southgate House Revival on Saturday, January 27th!

How did Get Wrecked! come together as a band?
Brian: Get Wrecked! started as a fun project between us four lifelong friends. We’ve all been jamming together over the past fifteen years and it wasn’t till the beginning of 2023 that we decided to take our relationship to the next level - starting a band. We practiced long nights and we found opportunities going to weekly open mics at The Southgate House Revival, little did we know these would be the stepping stones that led us to where we are today. In the beginning we didn’t have a vision for the band, but after some time of grinding and writing we have clear ideas of how our music will be released to the world going forward. The relationship we hold as a group is not like most and stronger than many. With grisly jokes and random quotes that would leave the average joe in a state of confusion, we hold a special place for each other and couldn’t ask for better band mates. Get Wrecked! isn’t just a band, but a family. 

Tell us about the recording process for the EP Day of Wreckoning
Kevin: We started the recording process in Aaron’s basement September 8, 2023. Ryan came by with his gear, we did a few scratch tracks, then Brian laid some gut busting drum beats. Once we had that down, over the course of three months we met with Ryan in his studio at Sad Cowboy Records to start recording guitar, bass, and vocals.
One of the more notable moments in the process was the day we recorded vocals. Watching Kris record his vocals; it was like watching a live-action exorcism, “The power of Ryan compels you.” At one point while recording gang vocals Ryan said, “I’m gonna need you guys to do your best pirate impersonations…okay now do your best little girl impersonations.” Listening back to the mastered tracks, you won’t hear any of those high-pitched “heys”, pretty sure Ryan was definitely messing with us on that one.
None of us have much experience in the studio/production side of things, so to be given the opportunity to utilize Ryan’s expertise and to pick his brain is a wealth of knowledge that goes unmatched. Working with Sad Cowboy Records again can’t come soon enough for Get Wrecked! and we hope to run it back again soon! 

To be one of the first artists for Ryan Malott’s new label - Sad Cowboy Records is very cool. How did the band get connected to Ryan?
Kris: When we first started out, we were performing some covers at an open mic and Nate from 500 Miles to Memphis just so happened to be in the crowd. After our set he told us that a specific member of his band would enjoy us. That member was Ryan. The next week they both came to the open mic and after our set invited us to join the bill of their 20th anniversary show if we could get some original songs down. We wrote 6 songs in about a month and played the gig, it was a blast! Some time later, we performed on an episode of The Super Satan Show that Ryan happened to watch. He enjoyed our set and, to our surprise, asked to work with us on an EP. Ryan has been absolutely nothing less than a godsend, and we deeply appreciate everything he's done for us. 

What can we expect at the EP Release at SGHR on January 27th?
Aaron: The release show is gonna be just a big old party. We have some old and new friends playing with us that span across the punk/metal spectrum with some sensual songs from Vampire Weekend at Bernie's to close out the night. And we'll be debuting a couple of new songs as well which we are pumped to share with everyone.

What is next for Get Wrecked!?
Aaron: Really we just want to keep writing music, playing shows and have as much fun as possible. We already got enough material for a couple more EP's so hopefully we'll be talking again before next year!