• Preview

Dallas Ugly at The Southgate House Revival

Nashville-based band Dallas Ugly is stopping at The Southgate House Revival on Wednesday, January 31st!

While the three core bandmates have been friends and collaborators for over a decade, Dallas Ugly officially formed in 2020 following Weitnauer, Broxham, and Burton’s decision to move to Nashville together after years apart. Prior to the reunion, Burton was serving with the Peace Corps in Senegal, Weitnauer was immersing herself in the New York City music scene, and Broxham was gigging in the bluegrass and country scene of Chicago, the city where the trio initially met. In the three years that have ensued since moving to Tennessee, they have been busy not only shaping the future of Dallas Ugly but also performing with a slew of other Nashville artists as respected side people (Kelsey Waldon, The Arcadian Wild, Nora Jane Struthers, and The Violent to name a few), experiences which have influenced the development of the band’s sound.