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Motel Breakfast at tSGHR

Photo Cred: Conor James

In the cutthroat world of music, where friendships fade like one-hit wonders, emerges Motel Breakfast. These Midwest misfits navigate adulthood through emotional anthems that live somewhere between Hot Mulligan, Dr. Dog, and Bruce Springsteen. But Motel Breakfast is more than a band; they're a tight-knit crew of small-town souls who found solace and lifelong connections in their shared passion.

 Motel Breakfast is stopping at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, January 26th with Scarlet Street!

The indivisible bond between Motel Breakfast’s members is what sets them apart. Led by vocalist and guitarist Jimmy Denovsky, alongside lead guitarist Mick O’Donnell, Conor Brennan’s keys, Drue deVente’s bass, and Jesse Nasadowski’s drumming, together they are an unstoppable force and seamlessly blend the gravity and playfulness of life through their output.

Formed in 2017, the members of Motel Breakfast have never lived in the same place at the same time. Despite the geographical divide, with members scattered across Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, they have thrived in conquering the challenges of growing a band that can’t even have regular weekly practices. As a result, every time they get together, it is intentional. When members aren’t at their day jobs, they’re pouring their nights and weekends into Motel Breakfast, and so, their story is not one that is entirely their own. It’s a story of community, a vibrant ecosystem of friends, artists, and peers who have rallied behind them, affording the band their own platform of creative expression. From meticulously curated cover art to captivating photography and more, every detail helps foster inclusivity and the growth of those around them.