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Mikaylah Rose Releases Apparitions

Mikaylah Rose released "Apparitions" TODAY! A song about a ghost that won’t leave you alone.

 "This song is about the memories that haunt you when you’re healing. they’re like little ghosts that won’t leave no matter what you do, until you confront them head on and tell them to. I’m so excited to finally release my debut single, “apparitions.” this song was healing to write and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it."

Listen to "Apparitions" NOW!

Mikaylah is an indie pop artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She’s been singing since before she could talk, humming along with her mama while being laid down to sleep. Though she has recently become hearing impaired due to complications of a near-death experience, it hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves.

 Mikaylah is fueled by her love of music. When she’s not singing at the top of her lungs somewhere, she’s adventuring with her two small boys, riding her motorcycle, or rescuing plants from her local plant nursery.