• Preview

Light Beams at MOTR

Photo Cred: Leah Gage

DC post-dance-punk band Light Beams are about to embark on a tour of the US in support of their forthcoming LP Wild Life which will be released by legendary independent label Dischord Records on November 3rd. The band will perform at MOTR on Sunday, November 5th!

 Light Beams recently released the lead single / music video for the album track "Coming Our Way."

The song deals with an actual school shooting that took place at Moyer’s daughter’s school, which she survived. With the pandemic and depression going upwards like a rocket, the situation in Moyer’s life was already troublesome. At that very time, he received a phone call from his daughter and was informed that a person was firing at the students across the street, and the person was in a makeshift sniper’s nest.