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Freak Mythology to Release Asteria and Celebrate at Madison Live

Freak Mythology, an established Cincinnati-based band, earned accolades for their live performances and successful first album in 2018. Taking their music to some of Cincinnati’s most popular stages (as well as a national tour the same year), they cultivated a strong local following and much anticipation for their follow-up album. After a long 5 year wait (prolonged by Covid), the band is preparing for a triumphant return with a brand new album, titled Asteria. The new album’s release will coincide with a big album release show/party on November 10th at Madison Live!

After the release of the band’s self-titled debut, Freak Mythology earned many notable achievements. Taking home first-place prizes in multiple competitions and performing their music in the famous Arlene’s Grocery in New York City, they gained a reputation for exceptional live performances and a unique sound that appeared to grab the attention of a new audience crossing several genres, including indie, funk, jam band, and psychedelic. Unfortunately, the band’s ever-increasing momentum was suddenly halted by a global pandemic and resulting shut-down… leaving in question whether the band would be able to release a follow-up album or even return to the stage.

When Covid-19 hit the world, the band was forced to settle into a quiet existence. Many wondered if the band had given up after losing the opportunity to play out. In reality, the band took advantage of the free time and got back to writing and recording. “It was nice to have the seclusion for a while,” explained Freak Mythology guitarist, singer, and songwriter Brad Wehlitz. “It inspired us to really challenge ourselves to come up with arrangements we might previously had imagined to be out of our reach. It feels quite rewarding to have it in front of us now. It’s opened up so much creativity, and our ambitions have been completely resparked”.

The Asteria album consists of 7 new songs that were written by the band as an equal collaboration. The tracks cover a wide spectrum of sound and dynamics, ranging from explosive guitar-driven rock and roll to beautiful, soothing melodies… all in line with, yet advancing, the band’s now trademark sound. In advance of the album’s full release on Nov 10th, the band released the first single, “Backbite” on Oct 27, and a second track titled “Highway 1” landed Friday, Nov 3 via all the usual streaming sites.