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Noah Smith to Release Way Back

Photo Cred: Undark Photography

Noah Smith will be releasing, "Way Back," on Friday, October 27th! This will be a first for Smith, first love song, that is. "Way Back" was written, recorded, and produced by Noah Smith.

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 According to Noah Smith, "It took me years to understand what it felt like to truly love somebody. For a long time, I didn’t even understand what true love was. Isn’t it funny how when you meet a person, your whole world can change in one simple moment? Now that I know what that feeling is, I pray that I never forget it. The day we wrote Way Back I knew that it was a song that could remind generations of people what true love is."

 Smith adds, "Way Back” is grounded in the truth that the best love stories take time. Everyone's story is different, but I know this song will inspire my fans to embrace the chase, live for the magic, dance in the kitchen, and sing together like nobody is listening!"