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KNOTTS Release New Album

KNOTTS continues on its journey of independent artistry, creating and performing music that unties and sets free. KNOTTS have released their 2nd full-length album, Ribbon Dancer, and will be performing at Fountain Square this Friday with FORIS and Band Z!

We had the honor to chat with Adalia of KNOTTS about the new album and what's next for the band!
Grab Ribbon Dancer NOW!

Tell us about the new album, Ribbon Dancer!
 Our second album Ribbon Dancer is here! If I had to describe Ribbon Dancer it would be: sad, upbeat, and sad again. Hope, hope, hope. The album sounds a little retro soul at times, a little Pop/R&B, and a little Folk/Indie pop, genre-blending is kind of our thing. It's been a journey to get these precious songs into your speakers. Including loving the songs! Then overthinking them, recording and re-recording. But nonetheless, the songs are here, finished and that makes me proud.

What does the album mean to you?
I just sighed really loud when trying to answer this question. It's a magnifying glass held up to life. The songs are artifacts of backstory, longing, resilience, and not as many conclusions, but those aren't as fun anyway. It means the finishing of hard work and doing it with people who are passionate about music. The name Ribbon Dancer came from the title of one of our songs from our project Good Glasses. It's kind of about making fun of the need to be celebrated for one's accomplishments, and also the good aspect of it, needing to create and make art and free yourself.

What is next for KNOTTS?
 Next for KNOTTS is a national tour. We are planning a spring and summer tour now and we can't wait to share the songs on the road! We'll also be taking time to write and record new music. Even though we're just now releasing the album, we recorded the songs from Ribbon Dancer over 2 years ago so we have a lot of songs we've written between now and then.