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Season Ten to Release Brainstorm at The Woodward Theater

Season Ten is back at it with the release of their 4th album, Brainstorm! They have teamed up with Blood Chill for a double album release party at The Woodward Theater on Friday, October 6th! Joining them are Bershy and Black Surfboards!

Cincinnati writers and guitarists Jared Metz and Alex Sarkisov started Season Ten in High School, but real progress began when drummer Alex Murphy-White’s entered during their time in college. Jared’s writing style was always flowing between Psych, Art, and indie pop, and both Alex’s were there to pick it up and refine the initial ideas. Later joined Brian Neinaber, Tyler Wichus, and currently Michael Villareal on guitar, bass, and harmonies.

 It had been a minute since I got to catch up with our friend Jared, so I jumped on the chance to learn more about the new album and what is to come for Season Ten!

Tell us about the new album, Brainstorm
Brainstorm was actually the first album that our new bassist, Michael Villareal was a part of writing, and for 8 songs, they're all wildly different. The first song 'Subtleness,' was more of a throwback to our older, more aggressive, rock-driven sound. 'Game', the opening track, was an homage to our previous records, which all started with instrumentals. There are vocals on this track, but we hid them in clouds of reverb and off-kilter guitar riffs, running Jared's vox through a bass pedal to dig it in a little more. The title track 'Brainstorm' might be the furthest departure, dabbling in Hip-Hop grassroots (shout out Jaws of Pizza Boiz for the feature), and a very present vocal melody, with far less emphasis on the guitar. Singles, 'Twelve/Eight' and 'INEEDIT' are heavily reliant on the catchy, upbeat guitar, but have super fun time signature switches that took us forever to write cohesively. 'IFeelMyselfGoAway' and 'Ice Cream' are about as ambient as we come, and finish off the album sweetly.

Our standard practice, as most local/indie bands, is to write the guitar/bass/drums/vocals, record them, mix it, master it, but we took a heavy focus on post-production for this record, adding vocal samples (i.e. Brainstorm) with heavy synth backgrounds on the ambient tracks, and scratching up the vocals in songs like 'Twelve/Eight.' Jared has a strong 'downtempo-EDM' influence, and he and Michael spent hours in the studio putting on finishing touches to each track that helped make the 'wildly different' songs gel.

What does the album mean to the band?
Basically all of us had some drastic life changing experiences during the writing and release of Brainstorm. I was aware of basically everything when writing the lyrics, and each member has their own song that I dedicated to them when writing the lyrics (shhhh don't tell the boys). When it comes to all of us, collectively, this record is us. We've been crafting and experimenting with our sound for 10 years now, and it's most certainly our crowning achievement. Brainstorm is more or less our true debut, so it's a big one. Other projects before this had fairly shoddy production, or just didn't hit the mark that we intended, but this one is super unique, and genuinely characteristic for its new indie/psych rock sound. Even though each song sounded so different in-writing, we pulled the individual perspective on our instruments together and made the best record we've made yet.

What can we expect at the release show?
Our release show is October 6th, 2023 and is gonna be sick. Blood Chill, a Cincy super group, is also releasing their newest album 'Clear Dark Blue' the same evening! Ris Seremet, Patrick Apfelbeck and Michael Latella are a rock solid punk/psych group and their new music is incredible! They'll be headlining the show as well! Support from Post-punker's Black Surfboards and Bershy, who self describes as 'Tortured Lesbian Pop' are two wildly different bands, but fit into the category of madness we're pursuing for this evening. We're going to have a hand/face painting station for the fans too!

What is next for Season Ten?
 This is a super big year for us! For our next show, we're performing for an agent at Madison Theater on November 17th, and we're hoping to get our album in the hands of labels, to schedule a decent tour, and get this bizz on the road! We've been 'Season Ten' for ten years now, and this album will hopefully get us in the right direction.