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Poison Ruin at Northside Tavern

Photo Cred: Cecil Shang Whaley

Poison Ruin emerged from Philly in 2020, and their two self-released self-titled EPs spread like wildfire throughout the punk / DIY community, establishing them as one of the scene's new favorite bands. They utilize theatrics and fantasy, constructing a richly chilling fable that stabs at the pulsing heart of what it means to live under the permanent midnight of contemporary life. ‘Harvest’ gazes at the world with a sense of grave seriousness, its stare softened only by the alluring seduction of a dream world’s open-ended possibility.

Catch Poison Ruin at Northside Tavern on Thursday, October 5th!

Its songs move with uncanny confidence, assembling an array of references to past styles and sensibilities that collapse in on one another, congealing into a truly unique sonic landscape. One gets the liberatory conviction of UK82 punk without the on-the-nose moralism, the rude impact of early hard rock without the frivolousness, and the suffocating cynicism of Over the Edge-era Wipers without the softened edges.