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Maurice Mattei Releases JUNGALINGLE

Photo Cred: Undark Photography

Maurice Mattei has released JUNGALINGLE, a full-length album consisting of 25 NEW songs to be released exclusively via Bandcamp!


JUNGALINGLE is Maurice Mattei's 27th album. It contains 25 songs written over the last two years. The songs cover a variety of subjects: murder, good and bad love, death, the passing of time, hope & despair, kind-hearted grifting, deceitfulness, cautiously happy endings and regret.

 As Mattei puts it, "Over the years, I've realized that songs come to me as messages. Maybe omens or warnings or lessons. At times, a song is an act of contrition or an admission of wrong-doing. It's very difficult for me to be completely disingenuous when writing a song and that makes me think that I'm not really the person who's doing the writing."

Maurice Mattei has garnered praise both nationally and internationally for his music. His recent appearance with his band, The Tempers, on Public Broadcasting's "Song of the Mountains" has won over many new fans and as the performance continues to be rebroadcast his audience continues to grow.