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Kelly Eryn Releases Baby

Kelly Eryn is back with her second single, "Baby!"

“This is an important song for me in many ways,” says the songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. “Over the past year, my art has grown so much, and it’s evident in this song. It has hints of where I'm going as an artist, and it marks a sort of intimacy in my writing that I've not been comfortable with exploring until now.”

"Baby" features Cincinnati musician Rob Lewis on saxophone, and is an electro-pop song about desire and the longing for romance. With a strong influence from turn-of-the-millennia trance music, the retro-friendly club anthem comes with a heavy lesbian vibe, as Kelly croons about her longing for a mysterious femme.

The song is her first produced entirely with Logic Pro for iPad. A radio edit is available for airplay. The song is available worldwide today! Listen to "Baby" NOW!

Kelly will be following the release of this single with her first live concert performance, featuring a band she has assembled to support her in concert. The band features Harley Gifford (they/them) on guitar, Johnny Kathman (he/him, Tooth Lures a Fang, Mynah Tones) on bass, Jaki Howser (she/her, Madqueen) on drums, and Megan Claunch as backing vocalist. They will be supporting Black Signal at Fountain Square, downtown Cincinnati, on Friday, October 6th at 7:00p!