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Kei$ha and Friends Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary of That's Unfortunate

Head on over to Radio Artifact this Saturday to help Kei$ha and Friends celebrate the 2-year anniversary of That's Unfortunate!

About the album per Burgess, "If you know your worth this album is for you. If you DON'T know your worth this album is for you. It's taken me years to talk as spicy as I am on this album lmao. What's different this go around is that I actually believe it. I'm a student ALWAYS but caint nobody tell me shit. THAT'S BALANCE. lmao. Something i've always strived to find in my music because I like soooo many different things sonically. Which is why this album may seem "all over the place" idk. I'm literally freestyling right now."

Check out this playlist of all the artists performing this Saturday!

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 Rumor has it that Kei$ha and Friends are pulling up, showing out, and bringing some surprises. You don't want to miss out.