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Zilched at Design Collective

Detroit's grunge-pop singer/songwriter Zilched (Chloe Drallos) is performing at Design Collective on August 24th! The tour comes in support of her upcoming sophomore album Earthly Delights, out August 11 via Young Heavy Souls. Acting as a love letter to life and its innermost complexities, the project is a dazzling display of poetic lyricism, made up of gothic pop slanted alt-rock twinged with elements of grunge.

 “Loveless” oscillates between shimmering, synth-laden interludes and an explosive chorus that expounds on frustration with a withholding lover. Despite confronting a subject "lost in indecision," Zilched delivers her signature ethereal pop sound with undeniable clarity as she reflects on the complexities and challenges of love.

The powerful, noise-pop ballad is paired with a self-directed video as Drallos performs on a stage with her band, washed in a swath of red and blue lights as a sparse crowd of mysterious onlookers watch on. "The song is like a conversation between lovers. Contemplating the purgatorial roller coaster that exists between freedom and unity,” Drallos says. “As for the video, I was inspired by disco TV performances and Giallo horror.”