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Noah Smith, Andrew Hibbard and Michael Moeller at Fountain Square

Photo Cred: Undark Photography

This Friday, Noah Smith, Andrew Hibbard and Michael Moeller are taking over Fountain Square for Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic!

From the still waters of Brown County, Ohio comes a performing/songwriter who walks on the shoulders of giants. The meat and potatoes story of Noah Smith is he's an Ohio native from a hard working family who through the years built a thirst for the open road and the craftsmanship of song. Noah Smith is a powerhouse on stage and off. A heart of gold and a passion for lifting others up on and off the stage.

Andrew Hibbard is a young man that lives an honest life – the only way he knows. Humble beginnings in rural Ohio have shaped his view of the world. A soft-spoken individual, Andrew prefers to share his stories through song rather than speech. Andrew's talent has taken him all over the Cincinnati area, as well as on a national tour with My Brother the Bear, playing such notable festivals as Buckle Up, Whispering Beard Folk Festival, and Longstone StreetFest. Whether it's paying tribute to the classics like Bob Dylan or Chet Atkins, or his own craft that can match his musical mentors, Andrew Hibbard is sure to be a delight to any americana/folk fan's ears and a presence destined for placement in the splotlight – with humble regards, of course.

A songwriter looks through a different lens when he looks at the world around him. At any second a flicker of light, a statement in a passing conversation, or the deafening intensity of silence can become the catalyst for the chance to write the next song. The race to put on paper the fleeting thought. One that won't take long before it vanishes.

That craft has been in the life of Michael Moeller ever since he picked up an instrument and knew he had something to say. Referred to as an "Old Soul", Michael writes the songs he sees around him, writes the songs he feels, and writes the songs he experiences: life, loss, love, joy, and faith.

Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic
 Noah Smith - 9:00p - 10:00p
 Andrew Hibbard - 8:00p - 8:40p
 Michael Moeller - 7:00p - 7:40p