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Parker Barrow, Veronica Grim & Jims at Fountain Square

You are not going to want to miss Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic this Friday! Parker Barrow, Veronica Grim and Jims are taking over the square!

Blues-infused southern rock band Parker Barrow, led by frontwoman Megan Kane and her drummer/songwriter husband, Dylan Turner along with their talented band, lay all their cards on the table with their forthcoming 10-track album, Jukebox Gypsies, due for release on Friday, August 11th.

Heavily influenced by the Black Crows, The Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Whiskey Myers, the band loves to jam and includes an infusion of the blues with every arrangement. This down to earth duo flies high on stage and works hard to take you along on the flight. Built on an instant connection, the band’s name pulls inspiration from the infamous partners in crime Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow; Kane and Turner wanted to channel the iconic energy of being a dynamic duo into their music, but rather than on the run from the law, they’re on the run towards their rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

 "Veronica Grim" is more than a name: it's an explosion of talent from every band member in every song with a Wild Card up front ready to entertain. Veronica Grim (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan Hickey (percussion), Mike Bustamante (lead guitar) and John Campbell (bass) blend backgrounds in Punk, Country, Indie, Metal, Rockabilly and pure, old-fashioned Rock and Roll. Together they bring Veronica's original compositions, as well as collaborative efforts, to life in a musical style all their own. Drawing from their own backgrounds - as well as fusing Motown, Doo-Wop and Soul (just to see what might happen) - you will never be bored with this lot - and they'll always leave you wanting more. Known for high-energy, charismatic performances "Veronica Grim" is a show not to be missed.

Jims is bringing out the full band to rock on Friday! Since 1996, at the ripe age of 11, JIMS has been performing his unique blend of styles and movements that have held a profound influence through the years. Holding frontman/guitar duties with his early projects Code Red, GDS and Prick B. Mafia, once he reached his 20s he started up his longest project to date, Sweet Ray Laurel. During the same period he was moonlighting as a drummer in Silver Bridge Disaster then as guitar and vocalist in Good Night Noises. Soon after he picked up the sticks again for Martin Luther & The Kings and then Smoke Signals… respectively.

Alone on the stage armed with just an acoustic guitar and loop station, his songs reflect a love for all styles of music ranging from punk, world, folk and everything in between. The years of influence and experimentation with various groups has helped mold a unique, concise and focused approach which, is evident in his compositions. Always opting for the most visceral and vulnerable outlet, his solo output is every bit of raw, in-your-face, personal and delicate as you may expect as a document of such a storied sonic past.

Friday, July 7th: Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic
 Jims - 7p
 Veronica Grim - 8p
 Parker Barrow - 9p