• Preview

Daisychain at The Southgate House Revival

Similar to the dichotomous nature of their name, blues/psych rock foursome Daisychain produces a sound that is a beautiful series of contradictions: ambiguous, yet easily comprehensible; brutally honest while also soothing; rooted in classic rock and still trippy enough to please the ears of 21st century listeners.

 The female-fronted band from Chicago, who are also the best of friends, use music as a tool to connect and most importantly, channel feelings around the craziness of modern life. Moody, soulful, and sultry, Daisychain’s classic rock ‘n’ roll sound is one that a wide variety will relate to because it is based around universal emotions.

“We know that a song will be successful if we’re unapologetically honest, painstakingly patient, and willing to unearth very real emotions in the writing process,” explains guitarist, vocalist, and founding member Sophia Williams.

Catch Daisychain tomorrow at The Southgate House Revival with Jess Lamb & The Factory and Ann Driscoll!