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INTERVIEW: Gavin Rossdale of Bush

“Nothing is better than doing what you love,” says Gavin Rossdale, and the Bush frontman knows from experience. For near three decades, the musician has been a perennial presence in the annals of rock music — an intellectual and emotional, albeit occasionally misunderstood creative, forever with a hard-charging rock n’roll heart.

 Don't miss Bush at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati this Saturday!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Gavin Rossdale prior to the show!

With the release of the album, The Art of Survival - it seems that Bush is right back on top of their game. What drives the band to keep pushing?
 A deep love of music and performing. If you're focused on the ways to improve the band, to make better records, to be devastating live - that's what we think about. Good things can happen when you go for it.

Over the span of your career so far, what has been some highlights as a band?
 Well, with so many highlights, it's hard to pinpoint, but every time we make a record it feels like a massive achievement. We're digging playing the new song "All Things Must Change" on tour.

What can fans expect at the show at Hard Rock?
 We try to balance the show with songs from across the records. We come to conquer. We love your love.

What is next for Bush?
 You’ll just have to wait and see! Expect more new music and a very special announcement coming this fall.