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My Morning Jacket Stopping at MegaCorp Pavilion

On Saturday, June 24th Bunbury Music Festival Presents My Morning Jacket at MegaCorp Pavilion!

Hailed as the new heroes of the alt-country scene when they debuted in the late 1990s, My Morning Jacket matured into an eclectic, sonically diverse ensemble whose work encompassed indie rock, psychedelia, folk, blues, and even dashes of funk and prog rock. Led by songwriter and lead vocalist Jim James, My Morning Jacket's music is most strongly rooted in Americana, with Neil Young, the Band, and the psychedelic end of the '60s folk scene as obvious reference points. However, James and his bandmates have shown a frequent interest in pushing their boundaries, adding new flavors over the course of their career while holding on to the strong melodies and impassioned vocals that were their calling cards.

My Morning Jacket and the non-profit REVERB are partnering for the third consecutive year to reduce the environmental footprint of their tour and take action on the climate crisis. In addition to a comprehensive tour sustainability program, the band will be supporting REVERB’s climate portfolio which funds projects that measurably reduce greenhouse gas pollution, address climate justice, and directly decarbonize the music industry.