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Moonbeau Returns with Captivating New Single "Revive Me"

Photo Cred: Scott Bessler

Moonbeau is making an exciting resurgence with their highly-anticipated new single, "Revive Me." Following their success with second LP Up All Night, Moonbeau is ready to captivate audiences once again with their signature blend of infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. "Revive Me" will be available for streaming on all major platforms NOW!

"Revive Me" encapsulates Moonbeau's evolution and growth during their brief hiatus, delving into the theme of rebirth and the desire to embrace a better version of oneself. With relatable lyrics that capture an essence of longing and uncertainty, the song serves as a powerful anthem. It will resonate with listeners yearning for personal growth and rejuvenation in various aspects of life, from relationships to self-discovery.

This release marks a significant milestone for Moonbeau, as it represents the first single since the addition of a new band member. Christian Gough and Callie Budrick weave emotive storytelling and infectious energy into the recognizable synth-pop sound Moonbeau is known for. Drawing influences from the likes of CHVRCHES, M83, and The Midnight, Moonbeau has developed a unique sound that seamlessly blends nostalgia with a modern twist. Fans will be excited to hear the signature layered synths and catchy hooks that stay true to Moonbeau's roots while exploring new sonic territories.

"Revive Me" is an enticing glimpse into what listeners can expect from Moonbeau's forthcoming EP of the same name, which is set to release this September via Best Friends Records. The EP comprises four meticulously crafted tracks that showcase Moonbeau's continued artistic growth and ability to create infectious, toe-tapping tracks that linger long after the music has stopped.

Don't miss the inspiring revival of Moonbeau with the release of new single, "Revive Me." Be sure to stream on all major platforms starting June 23, 2023, and stay tuned for their EP release in September.