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Legacy Soundworks Opens a World-Class Recording and Production Studio

Legacy Soundworks has opened a state-of-the-art music industry complex, in Cincinnati, Ohio, focused on providing artists access to the highest standards in music recording, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering. Legacy Soundworks mission is to help shape the future sound of music, and to become an integral part of the vibrant arts community as a functional and inspiring gathering space for musical and visual artists in Cincinnati and beyond.

The design of the new studio is a collaboration between owners and music industry veterans, The Sheppard family, and the internationally known acoustic design team, Haverstick Designs, a firm specializing in acoustical modeling, testing, design, and the team behind legendary sound spaces for Disney Pixar and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“Our primary goal was to create a facility that removes the barriers between creativity and execution, while providing top-quality results,” said Scott Sheppard, Managing Partner. “We’ve done this with a space that is comfortable, looks and sounds gorgeous, and is highly versatile, allowing for a wide range of performance and recording techniques.”

While Legacy Soundworks will feature many traditional services expected from a professional recording studio, including tracking, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering — the knowledgeable team is proud to offer custom packages ranging from voice-over recording to hi-fidelity listening sessions. The space includes a six hundred square foot live room flanked by two isolation booths, one perfect for drums or a small ensemble, and the other, for vocals. There is also a separate amp isolation booth allowing for extreme versatility in setup and recording techniques. Thecontrol room includes industry leading PMC monitors, and was designed and tuned by the experts at Haverstick Designs to provide a full-range, clear, and detailed listening and mixing experience. Further, Legacy Soundworks offers on-site engineers and an attached, well-appointed, three-bedroom home, complete with a fully stocked kitchen, dining room, and rec room with pool table — perfect for artists who need a place to stay during multi-day sessions. The space also lends itself nicely as a gallery space for visual artists.

“With our custom-built space and our systems, we’ve been able to remove many of the typical obstacles of the recording process,” said Eric Sheppard, Engineer and Studio Manager. “We believe that by thinking about and removing roadblocks, artists can deliver their best performance and feel confident that the work is being captured by the highest quality microphones, gear and expertise available.”

Whether artists need to refuel, recharge, or find time to create, Legacy Soundworks is prepared to provide the ultimate experience in sound, space and service.

“Legacy Soundworks is among the world’s finest acoustically designed facilities,” said Gavin Haverstick, founder of Haverstick Designs. “It’s set to become a destination for musicians who want an elevated sound experience and recording outcome.”

To learn more about Legacy Soundworks and the team please visit: https://www.legacysoundworks.com/.