Possessed By Paul James, The Tillers & Willy Tea Taylor at tSGHR

Photo Cred: Ben Gastright

If there was ever a perfect line-up, this is it. Possessed By Paul James, The Tillers and Willy Tea Taylor will be gracing the Sanctuary stage at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, June 16th!

Tickets are on sale NOW! This WILL sell out, grab yours NOW!

Possessed By Paul James is a musician not to be compared with any other I have ever seen. Konrad Wert known as Possessed by Paul James is a one-man band hailing from Austin, Texas. He plays banjo, fiddle and guitar with a bit of foot stompin’ in between. “Paul James” is a fictional character created by the names of his father and grandfather.

The Tillers in my opinion are THE Americana band in Cincinnati. Every single show, video, album they do is perfection. Plus, they are just the nicest guys on the planet.

The Tillers for many years now have put out some great records. Each one has shown growth from the personal to the musician. For every song is a little autobiographical in some way, I believe. With that belief these records show a band that started as a trio, shot a video on pickup truck, had Tom Brokaw visit while he did a documentary on Route 50, and with the passing of their friend still carry on and are now a foursome. Through all of this we get to hear it in the records. Lives on the road and people’s couches, coast to coast, and overseas and back again for the joy of song and sharing that with everyone they meet.” – Moose Gronholm (CincyMusic)

 Willy Tea Taylor has the remarkable ability to sing about profound subjects in a simple way makes his songs a great place to lose yourself.Willy calls John Hartford, Roscoe Holcomb, Bob Dylan, KISS, Weird Al Yankovic and Willie Nelson his biggest influences, but is always quick to advocate for his favorite contemporary songwriters which include Tom VandenAvond, Nathan Moore, and his Good Luck partner in crime, Chris Doud. He and VandenAvond have travelled the country together on a series of tours they call “Searchin’ for Guy Clark’s Kitchen” where each evening’s show is just a precursor to an endless quest for the kind of serene late night scene depicted in the cult classic documentary Heartworn Highways.