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Silverstein Stopping at Bogart's

Silverstein are out on their Misery Made Me 2023 Headlining tour and they will be stopping by Bogart's on Friday, May 5th!

For a band with over 22 years in the game — who could have merely rested on the impressive legacy they’ve already cemented — it’s both intriguing and inspiring that they continue to dig deep and find the inspiration to reach people in meaningful new ways. With their latest studio album, Misery Made Me, the band continues to build on their already-wide reaching impact. Inspired by the past few years, Misery Made Me is a depiction of Silverstein – and world at large’s – collective turmoil, frustration, and anxiety. It’s a record that is a product of the moment in time in which it was created yet doesn’t feel like it will date itself anytime soon, as many of its topics of loneliness, anxiety and isolation are eternal human struggles.