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Shoegaze Pioneers The Veldt Play Radio Artifact

Under the leadership of Black identical twin brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis, THE VELDT were an influential part of the first wave of shoegaze/dream-pop. In the 1990s, the Veldt recorded with Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie; toured with the Cocteau’s, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and Echo & the Bunnymen; and released several classic albums on a smattering of major and indie labels. The Veldt's sound and image was (and remains) equal parts shoegaze and soul, and their body of work has stood the test of time, influencing artists as diverse as TV on the Radio, the Weeknd, and Bartees Strange. In 2022, the band released Entropy Is the Mainline to God, their first full-length in 24 years, and embarked on a successful five-week national tour. On this 2023 tour, the Veldt will be supporting the release of their lost 1989 album Illuminated (also produced by Robin Guthrie).

The Veldt Illuminated 1989 Tour w/ Dead Leaf Echo & The Hynx will be at Radio Artifact on Friday, May 5th!

 Brooklyn's Dead Leaf Echo is a music/art collective that released their debut LP Thought and Language in 2013. The new EP Milk.Blue.Kisses.and Whalebone.Wishes was released on January 21, 2022 by Moon Sound Records. Milk.Blue.Kisses.and Whalebone.Wishes is about the themes that involve anxiety and sex and never selling your worth for less than its true value. The album is ambient and relaxed (and with a certain new tributary focus on Harold Budd). Each song title is a play on words of the overall title, with themes of winter and ice and the female form represented. James Aparacio (Spritualized, Depeche Mode) mixed the title track, while LG finished production on the remaining 5 tracks. Charles Nieland (Blondie, Franz Ferdinand) was brought in to master.

 The Hynx, a five-piece from Cincinnati, Ohio, strive to write songs that meld a swirling soundscape of lush guitars with a pulsating rhythm section and powerful, soulful vocals to create atmospheric music rich with drama, hooks, and explorations into the human experience. In late 2021, the band released their debut mini-LP, Your Tomorrow, (produced by The House of Love guitarist, Terry Bickers, and mastered by Slowdive drummer, Simon Scott). Your Tomorrow properly reflects the full, expansive sound of the live band along with some studio subtly. In late 2023, The Hynx will be releasing a new single, Dagger (remix by Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins).