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On Saturday, May 27th FORIS, Sylmar, Patterns of Chaos, and General Baxter will be hitting the stage at Madison Live for a special show! Grab tickets NOW!

We were excited to catch up with FORIS prior to the show!

Tell us what to expect at a live FORIS show…
 Speaking specifically about FORIS, we are a three piece now! Our good friend Molly has joined us on bass and backing vocals. We run the songs pretty true to form - but they continue to evolve. We will see how that comes to life May 27th.

You can expect me crawling on the floor, holding notes until my entire body is shaking, being absolutely trash at banter between songs (I still have no idea what to say, it’s fine). Expect a lot of smiles. Nathan, Molly and I are so happy to be playing together we lock eyes a lot and grin like children. It’s pure joy and I hope the crowd resonates with it.

This is a fantastic lineup, can we expect any surprise collaborations on stage?
 You know, I’m not sure to be honest. If I hear Luke play the first chord of Game Over, am I going to leap on stage and unleash like it’s 2017 again? Absolutely.

All of us have grown into our own projects - and we are ready to showcase that. If there is overlap, it will be a brilliant homecoming and homage to where we started.

You know before PINK, Audley was strictly a rapper. I still freestyle from time to time, and I’m not going to lie… a cypher with Jay and Roberto would make me so happy. Crazy crazy emcee’s so talented. But who knows. We will seeee.

What do you want your fans to take away from this show?
 I just want everyone to be present, happy and inspired. Live music makes me feel alive and reinstates how precious self expression can be for the self and the community it reaches. The joy that comes from experiencing a well curated show is all I’m after.

I know how Sylmar makes me feel when they ascend into the heavy sludge heavens at the end of every song. I know how Patterns of Chaos makes every room feel like a coliseum, expanding the energy to a level so high you literally Have to move your body. Truly, Nathan, Molly and I are so honored to be playing alongside Cincy legends and good friends. GAHHHH can’t wait!

What is next for FORIS?
 Our second audio project is a main focus while we start to gig heavily in Chicago and Cincinnati. What started as a handful of tracks has morphed into a full length record and we are very deep in the process right now, just trying to serve each song with patience and honesty.

Full truth, it’s hard to think ahead while this show is within reach. Madison Live is the perfect venue for a 4 act bill. The audio engineering team is killer. We feel so lucky to have a guaranteed sonic quality as it’s not always guaranteed, you know? Thankful! *double peace sign, kissy face head tilt while the dragonball theme song plays* Okay, too much coffee this morning I’m done.

Go grab tics NOW to see FORIS, Sylmar, Patterns of Chaos, and General Baxter presented by Inhailer at Madison Live on May 27th!